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Today, KBibTeX 0.6.2 has been released. It replaces the never published 0.6.1 release, where a show-stopping bug was detected after tagging the release.

tl;dr: source tar ball, ChangeLog in Git


The ChangeLog from 0.6 to 0.6.2 reads as follows:

  • KDE Bug 377401 KBibTeX fails to load zotero bibliography
  • KDE Bug 351455 Removing soversion from KBibTeX Part
  • KDE Bug 353898 Fixing build issues on ARM architecture
  • KDE Bug 354785 Using QTextDocument/QTextEdit instead of WebKit/WebEngine: more lightweight and supported on all platforms
  • KDE Bug 371515 Speeding up selection of elements in bibliography lists
  • KDE Bug 371593 Sorting field and entry types in comboboxes alphabetically
  • Fixing crash when open file got modified externally
  • Correcting choke on PubMed searches to 10 seconds
  • Fixing search issues for ACM, Google Scholar, JSTOR, and ScienceDirect
  • Setting foreground color of colored rows to either black or white for better readability
  • Disabling OCLC WorldCat (request for support denied by this organization)
  • Generally improved code quality as detected by code checkers such as Clazy or Coverity
  • Fixing handling of URLs and their protocols for local files
  • Fixing setting default id suggestion
  • Adding 'Keywords' field to .desktop file
  • Removing file that was licensed under CC BY-NC, but never got installed
  • Improved Unicode support
  • Refactoring writing of bibliography files, both to local and to remote places, including writing to symbolic links
  • Better handling quotation marks and protective curly brackets around titles
  • Updating translations

In the project's Git repository, you will find the ChangeLog for this release.
To have a look on the changes' details, simply clone the repository and run git log -c v0.6..v0.6.2

Where to Get It?

Files (source code tar balls, checksums, and GnuPG signatures) are available for download at http://download.gna.org/kbibtex/0.6/:

What's Next?

Unless there is a critical problem with this release, the next step will be KBibTeX 0.7 which will be the last KDE4-based release branch.

Of course, a KDE Frameworks 5-based release is already underway, but you need to checkout the master branch from Git to test it. The code is quite mature (personally, I use it for regular work), so feedback is welcome to advance a release there.

Due to real lifeTM, I won't be able to publish any release schedule.


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