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After recently starting to port KDiff3 to KDE Frameworks 5, I made a few commits today making the software actually usable.

Commit 468652ce70b1214842c passes command line arguments, most importantly filenames of files to diff and merge, to the inner classes which do the actual work. The old code uses KDE 4's KCmdLineArgs which provided static functions to retrieve command line arguments from anywhere in the code. The new code processes command line arguments using QCommandLineParser in the main function and then passes this object down into inner classes. This makes the code working although it may not be the best design (I may consider a refactoring in the future).

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First screenshot of KDiff3 port to KF5I am a regular user of KDiff3, a two-way or three-way merging tool for KDE. The tool is very useful to quickly compare and merge source code and LaTeX files or to resolve .rpmnew/.pacsave files.

Unfortunately, there has been very little activity in this project (last commit September 2014) and it is still stuck on Qt4/KDE4. The original maintainer, Joachim Eibl, has unfortunately no time left to develop this project.
To keep this very useful tool alive, I stepped forward and ported the code base in a few evenings from Qt4/KDE4 to Qt5/Frameworks 5. Well, the port is not complete, I have to admit …

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Qt's QTreeView widget is a versatile tool to display information such as the content of a filesystem or the DOM tree of an XML file. Using the Model-View-Control (MVC) pattern, you can greatly control what, where, and how information is visualized. You can add icons or checkboxes to items, change color, font, or other aspects of the paint operation. What is missing is support for radio buttons in a QTreeView, but this post will show how to do it yourself.

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