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The following two relases of KBibTeX are now available:

  • KBibTeX 0.5.2 is a bug fix release for the old stable branch 0.5.x. This release has the following ChangeLog:
    • Migrating to KDE's Git infrastructure
    • Gna Bug 22418: Relative paths fail to get resolved
    • KDE Bug 339086: Fixing ScienceDirect search
    • KDE Bug 343855: 'Copy Reference' setting in GUI correctly stored
    • KDE Bug 344495: Uninitialized variable causes crash
    • KDE Bug 344497: Message next to Import button in Search Results
    • Various minor changes and backports from 0.6.x
    Run git log v0.5.1..v0.5.2 for a more detailed change log.
  • KBibTeX 0.6 is the first release in the new stable branch 0.6.x. It has the following ChangeLog:
    • Allowing "unity builds", i.e. merging source code files for faster compilation
    • Enabling BibUtils support to import/export exotic file formats
    • Entries can be rated with stars
    • Adding entry type for Master's thesis
    • Setting entry identifiers automatically if configured by user
    • Files (e.g. PDF) can be 'associated' with an entry, including moving/copying/renaming the file to match the bibliography's location and the entry's id
    • In the element editor, unused tabs are no longer just disabled, but hidden instead
    • Automatic column-resizing improved
    • Bibliographies can be imported from Zotero
    • Adding user interface translations to various languages
    • New online search engines: CERN Document Server, DOI, IDEAS (RePEc), MR Lookup; fixes to existing search engines
    • New dockets for file settings, file statistics, and browsing Zotero bibliographies
    • Value selected in the value list can be added or removed from selected entries
    • Enhancing the Id Suggestion system
    • Various fixes as suggested by KDE's code analysis tool Krazy
    • Various changes and fixes from the ongoing port to KDE Frameworks 5 have been backported
    Run git log v0.5.2..v0.6 for a more detailed change log.


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