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2011-05-20 07:31 pm
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Controlling Psi via D-Bus in KDE

Recently, I stumbled upon a blog posting on how to make Psi logout on suspend in KDE. Although I am not using suspend myself for security reason, using D-Bus to control applications has its charm. In this posting, I will present some more use cases for D-Bus and Psi.

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2011-02-10 06:56 pm
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How to Make Movies from your Slide Presentations

Think of the situation, where you created a presentation or a lecture consisting of a set of slides. Now, imagine that part of you audience cannot attend, as your presentation is at a remote conference or you are teacher in a distance education course having students all over the world.

There exist commercial solutions, where you can record you presentation slides along with commentary speech, but cannot you achieve the same result using free tools?

The answer is "Yes", as I will explain in this posting.

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2010-12-15 01:12 pm
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LaTeX and Linux: A Bash scrip to automatically crop PDF files

This may be interesting for those of you who are into LaTeX and Linux: Auto-cropping PDF files.