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Thomas Fischer ([personal profile] t_fischer) wrote2016-08-26 09:26 pm
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KBibTeX 0.6.1-rc1 (

After some time of activity on KBibTeX's master branch, I finally returned to the stable branches to push forwards some releases.

I started with the old 0.6 branch, which is still based on KDE4's libraries. The upcoming bugfix release 0.6.1, of which the first (and hopefully only) release candidate got tagged in git a few minutes ago. The changelog lists the most important changes, detailed changes are available through git: git log v0.6..v0.6.1-rc1 and git diff v0.6..v0.6.1-rc1

The source code is available, including GnuPG-signed checksums:

Unless there are some real show stoppers (crashes, data loss, …) I plan to make a final 0.6.1 release not later than mid-September. This release will be the last of the 0.6 branch, as I will concentrate my ‘releasing’ efforts on the 0.7 branch next.