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Thomas Fischer ([personal profile] t_fischer) wrote2016-05-05 08:59 pm
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KBibTeX 0.6.1-beta1 (

Update: In an earlier version of this posting, the title called this release ‘0.6.1-alpha1’. Of course, it should have been ‘0.6.1-beta1’ as discussed in the text.

Quick update on the next bugfix release for the KBibTeX 0.6 series: KBibTeX 0.6.1-beta1 ( has just been released. Differences to the alpha version from two weeks ago are two minor bug fixes and updated translations for Galician and Italian (thanks!).

Run git log v0.6.1-alpha1..v0.6.1-beta1 or git diff v0.6.1-alpha1..v0.6.1-beta1 for details (translations won't show up, those are handled in a separate SVN repository).

Tar balls

Tar balls of this release are available at http://download.gna.org/kbibtex/0.6/, more specifically:

The used GnuPG key is 0xA264FD738D861F41. Run sha512sum kbibtex- | diff -s kbibtex- - and gpg --verify kbibtex- to check.