Apr. 20th, 2016

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I just made a release of KBibTeX 0.6.1-alpha1 (, which is the first preview release of the upcoming bugfix release in the 0.6 series. Please note that the 0.6 series is still based on KDE 4.

If you are a distribution packager, please check if you can download, build, and install the sources and that KBibTeX starts and runs without any obvious bugs or crashes. If you are a translator (GUI or documentation), please check if translations are complete, correct, and appear in the right places.


  • KDE Bug 351455: Removing soversion from KBibTeX Part
  • KDE Bug 353898: Fixing build issues on ARM architecture
  • KDE Bug 354785: Using QTextDocument/QTextEdit instead of WebKit/WebEngine: more lightweight and supported on all platforms
  • Correcting choke on PubMed searches to 10 seconds
  • Setting foreground color of colored rows to either black or white for better readability
  • Disabling OCLC WorldCat (request for support denied by this organization)
  • Generally improved code quality as detected by code checkers such as Clazy or Coverity
  • Fixing handling of URLs and their protocols for local files
  • Fixing setting default id suggestion
  • Adding 'Keywords' field to .desktop file
  • Removing file that was licensed under CC BY-NC, but never got installed
  • Updating translations
  • Other minor backports from master. See git log v0.6..v0.6.1-alpha1 or git diff v0.6..v0.6.1-alpha1 for details.

Tar balls

Tar balls of this release are available at http://download.gna.org/kbibtex/0.6/, more specifically:

The used GnuPG key is 0xA264FD738D861F41.

Future Releases

Once release 0.6.1 got published without problems, I plan to focus on releasing 0.7 which will be the last series based on KDE 4. Most likely, there will be a few bugfix releases in the next years as long as there are users still using KDE 4.

Following a successful release of KBibTeX 0.7, version 0.8 will be the first stable series building on KDE Frameworks 5.

Both code bases for 0.7 (in Git kbibtex/0.7) and 0.8 (master as of now) are quite stable, i. e. it should be a matter of weeks instead of months to get both releases out of the door. Both 0.7 and 0.8 will be quite similar featurewise, the main differences are due to the porting from KDE 4 to KDE Frameworks 5. If you want to run more current code than the 0.6 series offers, please fetch the sources and test for yourself.

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After recently starting to port KDiff3 to KDE Frameworks 5, I made a few commits today making the software actually usable.

Commit 468652ce70b1214842c passes command line arguments, most importantly filenames of files to diff and merge, to the inner classes which do the actual work. The old code uses KDE 4's KCmdLineArgs which provided static functions to retrieve command line arguments from anywhere in the code. The new code processes command line arguments using QCommandLineParser in the main function and then passes this object down into inner classes. This makes the code working although it may not be the best design (I may consider a refactoring in the future).


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